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A digital modem for PSK31, RTTY & CW  ... without using a PC!


News: June 2020
The NUE-PSK Digital Modem is no longer in production .
Software Development and Support continues.
Modem Interface cables still available.  

Shipping Methods:
- US & Canada -- Priority Mail, with delivery in 2-3 business days (typically); international Air Mail delivery typically takes 7-10 business days.
- I
nternational -- Less than $200 ships via Air Mail, with delivery usually within 7-14 days.
                       More than $200 ships via "International Registered Mail"

- Orders usually acknowledged by email within 24 hours and ship within 7-14 days.
- Update and Installation services can take up to 2 weeks, depending on work backload here.

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MODEMS & OPTIONS                                                      

Assembled & Tested Modem
Standalone, battery-operated digital modem allows transmit/receive using PSK31 on the Amateur Radio bands. PC not required! Just plug in standard PS2 keyboard and connect modem directly to SSB-capable transceiver. Supports BPSK (PSK-31), QPSK, RTTY, RTTY/R, CW (keyboard, paddle & reader) and CW Direct (with CW-only rig).  Other digital modes coming. Field-upgradeable software. Graphic display shows Tx and Rx text data, band spectrum and tuning indication. Requiring only 60ma operating current (typ), the modem forms an effective, compact, and portable station for working the digital modes on the amateur bands. Comes with unterminated cable for connection to radio. (User must add connector for specific transceiver being used. See options for pre-made cables below.)
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Modem KIT  
This full kit includes the pc board, all parts, enclosure, hardware, radio cable (unterminated) and the Assembly manual.  [NOTE:  The USB option card is not supplied with this base modem kit.]
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Serial Cable (for connecting modem to serial port of computer for software updating. Not needed if USB card present.)
A simple, 4-wire ribbon cable terminated on one end with a connector suitable plugging into the Field Programming port "P5" on the underside of the modem pcb, as accessed from the battery compartment.  Cable connects one of the user-supplied serial adapters to the modem to enable field updating of the modem software when connected to a PC serial port. 
NOTE 1:  Serial adapter not included.  See Serial Interface page for details.
Pre-Made Modem Cables (See chart below for rigs supported.
Pre-made cables for connection of the NUE-PSK Digital Modem to your rig. This option helps you get on the air very quickly with your new modem without having to find a connector and solder it up yourself.  Comes with the cable wiring diagram and guidance on how to set up your transceiver for effectively working the digital modes. See list below to select "Cable Type #" that supports your rig and enter it in the order field to the right. (If you don't see your rig called out in the list, just enter its name and model in the "Cable Type" field.
Cable Type #

Make your own cable using the "unterminated" cable supplied with each kit!
 ... Download the Radio Cable Guide

(PS: Your radio not listed?  Let us know what you need!)



Let Us Update Your Modem's Software & Hardware to the Latest!
The longer a successful product is in the field, the greater the need for general software updates and hardware mods to keep things up to snuff.  Although you can easily do it yourself, just
send us your modem and we'll make the updates for you! 

The Standard Upgrade Services include ...
* upgrading the software to the latest release
* adding the recommended grounding of the pcb (with metal standoff)
* adding a capacitor on the power supply jack to minimize EMI/RFI
* adding the Paddle Jack Assy
* a full test to ensure that the modem is fully up to snuff!

Note:  Sorry, this is not a repair service.  If your modem is not working for some reason, we'll be happy to guide you by email and on the Yahoo Group, but we do not repair modems that are not working.




Paddle Jack Assy
3.5mm stereo jack with pull-up resistors and 4-wire cable to allow plugging in of standard paddle. Just add 1/4" hole to your chassis, attach the jack to the chassis, and wire the cable to four pads beneath the LCD to enable Keyer Mode on the modem!

See the "Updating Service" above if you want us to install this item for you.
The Paddle Jack Assy now comes standard in all new Modem orders.




USB+RTCC Card (Assembled & Tested):
Make a few easy mods to your modem, load up the latest modem software, plug in the USB+RTCC card and start recording QSOs! 

Out of Stock
Full Factory Upgrade for USB+RTCC Card:
Don't want to add the USB+RTCC card yourself?  Just send us your modem and we'll return it with the USB+RTCC card fully installed with the modem, updated with the latest software and fully tested. (Includes the Replacement Chassis upgrade.)  Just send your modem to the postal address shown below.


Out of Stock



    Ordering by Mail:  
                     See prices above and add shipping fee.  (Check for shipping fee by clicking Add to Cart button and specifying your location.)
                     Write check or Money Order payable in US dollars and send to ...

Midnight Design Solutions
205 Okema Trace
Loudon, TN 37774


Fine Print
Prices, availability and product specifications are subject to change at any time.
All orders are final.  No returns, other than for defective product, which will be promptly replaced. 
Customers accept all responsibilities for following safe and approved assembly practices and product usage.
Orders are shipped within 5-10 days after receipt of order, and usually within 5 days.
U.S. orders shipped by Priority Mail. International orders <$200 shipped by Air Mail; orders >$200 shipped by International Priority Express (provides tracking and faster/guaranteed delivery). 

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