NUE-PSK Digital Modem

Development Roadmap

What new features are we working on?


The NUE-PSK modem currently supports two popular digital modes: PSK-31 and RTTY.  We also support variations within those two modes (QPSK, QPSK/R and RTTY-reversed). And we have a nifty USB card add-on accessory that provides connection to the PC for updating, support for flash thumb drives to capture Tx and Rx text for later printing and archiving, and easy uploading/downloading modem configuration settings and macro strings for editing on the PC.

New Features In Development

MT63 Mode –  We’ve had some discussion on the email list considering “What next digital mode would you like to have available?”, and when we compare the top choices with the development effort required for each (including available modem processor resources), MT63 comes out on top.  Development for support of this mode is in progress.

The Timetable

Our ‘schedule’ has always been stated as being flexible and informal ... We’re just two guys working on things in our radio shacks when the day jobs and family issues are not pressing, and so far most customers are happy with progress that we make.  Sometimes, however, perhaps because of the effort we make in providing good customer support and order fulfillment, some people believe that we’re a big company and they get upset that we do not hit a specific day, week or month for availability.  So, if you are buying the modem solely for the coming of an anticipated feature, and get easily frustrated when that feature isn’t ready when hoped for, then perhaps this product is not for you.

That all said, we are indeed working on these three new features and are hopeful that they will be coming along soon.  And meanwhile, the modem is splendidly usable for all of its advertised capabilities and all set for a summer of Field Days, hikes, camping and other portable operations. We love the modem just as much as any of the 800-or-so other owners, and we too are eager to continue expanding the modem’s feature set.  

After all, this is a capability that few other ham radio products on the market have ... It’s the modem that keeps on growing!


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Page last updated:  september 1, 2011