NUE-PSK Digital Modem

Version 5.02 Software Update

Release to clean up some bugs and improve modem use


In General

The sequence of internal releases since introducing Keyer Mode in V5.0 have mostly been correcting subtle errors and making operation more reliable.  While v5.02 is not a critical/mandatory release, we do recommend that you perform the software update when convenient, as it will enhance your experience when using your NUE-PSK Digital Modem.  (See the Software section on our home page to download the new software to your computer and then load it onto your modem.)


Release Notes: v5.02


Version 5.02:

Version 5.01d (internal release only)

Fixed bug that would keep 8.3 file formats from being properly terminated in the EEPROM. ***

Adjusted voltage conversion constant to improve battery voltage measurement accuracy.

 Version 5.01c (internal release only)

Made change to allow full 8.3 file names. ***

Added file name format validation to Ctrl-N function.

Fixed bug causing a series of keyboard spaces to toggle out of Tx mode.***

Fixed bug causing some control keys (e.g., Caps Lock) to add garbage chars in Insert Mode.***

 Version 5.01b (internal release only)

Add limit checks to all EEPROM read operations to avoid address errors when strings are not terminated.

Made sure usbblock is cleared when Ctrl-U is pressed and there is no thumb drive plugged in.***

Fixed problem keeping CW Direct mode to be properly exported in CONFIG.TXT.***

Added logic to use USB command responses and trap and display USB error messages.

Added retries to closing log files.

 Version 5.01a (internal release only)

Fixed bug causing PTT to drop out in BPSK mode. ***

Blocked changing m_SymbolRate when CW speed is changed in non-CW modes. ***

 Version 5.01 (internal release only)

Added resets to keyboard state flags when 0xAA (BAT complete) received from keyboard.***

Changed keycode scan table to process extended key pad characters Enter and '/' same as non-extended.

Stopped inter-word SPACES in DLE sequence from moving text cursor.***

Added 1/4 second Tx/Rx side tone lockout when using built-in keyer.

Eliminated screwed up text display following an Acquire or frequency change.***

Terminate a macro and clear the Tx buffer when End is pressed.

Play macro 1 - 7 when keyer inputs prosigns m1 - m7 in Rx mode (no DLEs required).

Forced LastScanCode to 0x00 with each keyer input to avoid processing keyer input as a macro. ***

Enable TUNE mode in Rx with 'mm' and disable it with any keyer input.

Changed CW Direct mode to key PTT directly from the keyer, no waiting for word boundaries.

The ESC key controls keyer side tone on/off in CW Direct Tx mode.

Block CW keying from turning off PTT in TUNE mode. ***


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Page last updated:  July 2012